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June 23, 2021

The Gospel Of The Pandemic By Damilare Adenola

COVID-19: The Nigerian State, Elitism And Masses By Amirah Folashade Yusuf

Let’s not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things. A crisis can be a real blessing to any person, to any nation. For all crises bring progress. Creativity is born from anguish, just like the day is born form the dark night. It’s in crisis that inventiveness is born, as well as discoveries made and big strategies,” Einstein posits in his famous speech ‘Crisis’.

Pandemic most likely unveils as a global health challenge and doesn’t come without the company of economic setback. This time, few or no countries worry about the economic downturn, governments across globe are burdened by the survival of everyone without being necessitated by civil disobedience. Developed countries offer stimulus packages for vulnerable citizens, king-pins in the economy are giving alms to the government. I even know of a clown government shamelessly reduced by itself to online begging, appealing for giveaway medical equipment despite billions appropriated for health.

What is the cause of consecutive epidemics thwarting men? In the cause lies the chief lesson to learn, if men outlive this pandemic. Perhaps men are not made to live without challenges. Part of men’s primitive problems were violent storms, extremes of heat and cold, darkness and ever present wild animal invasion. Yet invariably men remain conquerors. This is to say that COVID-19 shall be bygone too. However, it is called for to trace this virus to where it stems from. Some thinkers, researchers claim that it may be a biological-weapon built to plunge the world into crisis. While amongst these set of positions, the chief rational one reveals that these viruses have the wildest forest as habitat before being invited by men into their abode out of their callousness or ignorance of environmental relationship. 

One thing indispensable is that human alone cannot have the whole world for himself even though he appears superior in that it subjugated other creatures by aid of discoveries, inventions. All creatures strive for survival, their existence which may depend on frustration of another, this, humans must realise. Man’s superiority complex is the reflection of his lead ability to think, if he doesn’t think correctly he brings calamity for himself. 

That a time comes when the acclaimed nobles in our society shall patronise Idi-Araba, Gwagwalada and Dugbe hospitals is a pointer to the radical theme of this epidemic gospel, a classless pandemic it is. Maybe others will learn from acclaimed world powerful countries, who delight in funding warfare instead of healthcare. America the giant, the Europe goliaths, China the Da Rocha, all caught up in this inescapable corner where none can be rescued by their fighter jets, rocket launchers and numerous nuclear weapons. With utmost alacrity, free and technologically equipped healthcare system should immediately be designed with focus to insure all Nigerian person’s life without prejudice to who it serves.

This economy of desperation cannot purposefully lead the world, should we repent or we perish. Because the nature of humans is more communal than competitive, reason why individualism instead of collectivism has failed the world the umpteenth time. As a lockdown is dictated by the pandemic, reality of the unfairness in the global economy is exposed, after all these donkey years of toiling from dusk till dawn, workers strenuously pull through in a fourteen days’ lockdown. Clearly it becomes that workers are and have long been in servitude, rewarded with crumbs while bosses gobble like agric fowls. Hence this system of a few lavishing and the large languishing should forcefully be taken into oblivion by the working people. Meanwhile the abolition of exploitation of one individual by another is proportional to the abolition of the exploitation of one country by another. 

How has educational system responded to this crisis? This question comes in two faces. How will it fight the virus through material academic researches? And, how does it reposition self to hop unforeseen challenges bearing or not semblance to this? With the disruption of education of over 290.5 million students across the world, the wind has gust, the anus of the hen is uncovered, meanwhile at the prolongation of this crisis, people’s right to education is being threatened. This pandemic is figuratively a frontier of the unavoidable need for a productive and technological advancement of educational system in especially underdeveloped, developing countries like Nigeria. Online live transmission of classes, functional electronic library, student education loan, mobilisation of sufficient ICT resources to aid productive researches, modern infrastructures and conducive environment for learning, technological inclination of educators are ideas essential in overhauling this decay in Nigerian education system.

In furtherance, the invasion of this life-threatening epidemic appropriately conditioned many minds and their thoughts to things of priority to human existence and courageously reduced things of secondary to their place. Fissures of dogmatic belief gained more conspicuousness while on another hand manifests the superiority of scientific facts over that of religious myth. As mosques, churches and general places of worships are shut down, clamour for hospitals emerge as the peoples’ singsong.

An indivisible world no matter disunited it may look; hence we strive to foster universal peaceful relation. As terrifying as it may, this pandemic is susceptible to the spirit of solidarity and cooperation of countries across the world, and beyond this Coronavirus, the world unions must be passionately committed to laying a tenable standard of healthcare system with strict punishment of defaulter countries. Also, the United Nations and the continental unions should let it be driven by equality and fairness to all human lives without sentiments to colour, race or nationality differences.

Let every person in his right mind consider that we all have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be. The world is engaged in a war with seen and unseen enemies more than just the pandemic and it’s to be wrestled with, by you and I, this pandemic we will soon see no more.

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