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April 22, 2021

Soothing Balm for Angry Teenagers

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Teacher’s Diary

We all know that where anger is not controlled, it can damage a lot in the life of the individual affected. Teenagers with tendencies for instance, yell and scream, launch verbal abuses, damage properties, push other people around, physically attack others, may even go on to carry out self-injurious behaviour. It is important at regular points, to reassure troubled teenagers that everyone can change and that they can be a success. Let them know that they can make positive changes in their lives which would ultimately make their life easier and more enjoyable. So supporting them to control their own anger would definitely be a positive move.

Your anger management for your teenager must firstly support them to be self-aware.

You would need to guide them to evaluate their own feelings and to understand the reasons for their anger. Your teenage anger management plans should incorporate activities like the following; An agreed plan of action in the event of an outburst, practicing self-control, pausing a few seconds to think about the effects of their reactions to situations. Making a choice, picking an option which would bring about effective results.

Reviewing their own progress and seeing what the outcome of their choices is.

By using this plan each time they are confronted with irritating situations, eventually the teenager should be capable of dealing with confrontations much better.

Teenagers have their own minds with their likes and dislikes. Suggesting techniques like exercising or listening to music might not be effective anger management for many Nigerian teenagers. Using their own likes, as distractions, would be a better tool to achieve the desired behavior. These should be techniques which they are willing to try when they feel angry or threatened.

Helping a teenager to be successful in anger management, may require hours or months or even years of hard work and tears. However, realising that your youngster is being spared from a future of recklessness is worth every effort. Success would only be achieved when the teenager is able to accept responsibility for their own actions and realise they need to make changes.

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